Virginia Traffic Infractions

Virginia Traffic Infractions

Traffic Offenses

TATE BYWATER can assist you as you navigate the northern Virginia criminal justice system. Remember to always consult an experienced traffic defense lawyer if you get a traffic ticket. While pre-payment of a ticket may seem more convenient, it’s important to realize that doing so is not only a guilty plea to the charge (resulting in a conviction on your driving record), but also an admission of civil liability (fault) if the infraction was the result of an accident. Also be aware that the Virginia DMV accrues demerit points on your driving record when you are convicted of certain moving violations. If you accumulate too many points in a short period of time, the DMV can suspend your driver’s license.

Our attorneys provide valuable legal counsel to ensure your rights are protected and an increased chance of securing a better outcome.

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Common Virginia Traffic Infractions

The most common Virginia traffic infractions include:

One of our attorneys can provide you with valuable counsel regarding your traffic charge and the consequences it may have on your driving record, civil liability, and employment. Schedule a free consultation with our office. We’re here to help.