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“Paul Mickelsen helped us with a complicated matter. What was immediately apparent was that Mr. Mickelsen was professional and knowledgeable. After our first meeting with him, we relaxed and felt confident that we were in good hands. He resolved this very unpleasant and difficult matter for us quickly and with dispatch. He is competent and so much more. He knows his practice area as only a skilled professional can, and he showed empathy throughout the process for how difficult the situation was for us. He knew how to maneuver through the court system and was at all times on top of the matter. Thank you!”

- Angus



“Mr. Travis Tull is a wonderful person and an excellent attorney. He is one of the best in area. I recommend to everyone. Well respected lawyer. Thank you for everything Mr. Tull.”

- Sara



“I first want to say that I am blessed beyond measures. I am beyond thankful for this Mr. Nader Hasan. He is a very great person. He was very truthful with me when we had a consultation. EVERYTHING he spoke out of his mouth was the result I received today. He didn’t sugar coat a thing. He fought for exactly what I wanted and as well informed me of the possibilities. I am a 3 time felon of the same charge and walked away today with a misdemeanor NO jail time and NO probation. He was awesome. However, I was also in contact with his secretary Ms. Belinda who has very sweet, courteous, always responded in a timely manner. She was very well knowledgeable as to what was goin on with my case. If I had questions she called me back with responses. I was very welcomed in the office. atmosphere is great. If your looking for an attorney make Mr. Hasan your first and ONLY option”

- LaQuita



Dear Mr. Bywater,

I am writing to recommend your law firm to anyone in need of legal advice or counsel. When we found ourselves in turmoil with no answers to our challenges, you provided clear, concise, honest and stabilizing council. I was very impressed with the reputation of integrity that follows you and your firm from courthouse to courthouse and law firm to law firm. I was also impressed with the ease in which I was able to get in touch with you and the professionalism of all your attorneys and people that work with you. Since our first case with you, I have sent you many referrals for various matters…and that really is the most telling question of all, “would I refer my friends and family to your law firm?”, and the answer is a resounding “YES”! Thank you for all your help over the years.


Falls Church, VA

David H.



(Referring to Jim Tate) “I have been to court a lot. You are the best trial lawyer I have ever seen.”

– Client



“Last year I was facing a serious DWI case. I was searching everywhere for a good lawyer. I simply hoped they would help reduce any possible charges I’d be confronted with at court. Paul did not only represent me, but exceeded my expectations and I was found not guilty! I’m so grateful for getting a great lawyer like Paul. Paul is truly one of the best at what he does.”

– Alexander H.



Mr. Tate,

We are writing to thank you for the excellent way that you have defended us in the past 8 years. You were an answer to prayers and have been a guardian of our family and our freedoms ever since.

Over the years you have willingly assisted us whether our situation was large or small. Always taking the time to educate yourself, find resources and experts to assist in our plight. Your personal integrity and high moral standards instill in us, trust in your abilities and work ethic. You have treated us like a friend and defended us like one of our own.

Your attention to detail, quest for truths, and drive for justice has served us well. Words will never be enough to thank you for your service.

Thank you,

Mark & Sally C.



“Before we went to trial, I thought all was lost. You literally saved my life. There is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful for James Tate.”




“Paul Mickelsen is a well-known and respected lawyer in this Northern Virginia region. He was actually referred to me by a friend of mine who was also a former client of Mr. Mickelsen and helped him with his gun charges. He also worked with me on my perjury case; very skilled and helpful lawyer.”

– Client



“Dear Paul,

That day I was so excited about the result that I couldn’t even thank you properly. Thanks a million for the great defense you did! You are so successful in your career and you have a strong work ethic. You had already received your money and there was no need to try that hard (as I had this bad experience with my previous lawyer) but you did your best…

I was so nervous at first, but believe me when you started to talk in the courtroom, I realized that the outcome is not going to be as bad as we thought, then I smiled to my mom with confidence to relax her.

I watched your defense with enthusiasm to the extent that in some points I even forgot the reason I was there!

Paul, I will introduce you to my friends and relatives and whoever needs the best lawyer ever.

Thanks again.”

– Client



“My experience with Paul as my attorney was exceptional. His advice was top-notch, and he came prepared to zealously argue my case. I am convinced that it was because he represented me that I was able to win my case. He saved me from years of headaches down the road; I will be forever grateful for that.”

– Aaron A.



“I am writing this to express my sincere thanks to Paul Mickelsen for representing me in three different cases with satisfying results. He also made it seem like he really wanted the best for me.”

– Melvin P.



“I faced two DWI cases- one in Fairfax and another later in Arlington. In both cases Paul represented me very strongly and I was found completely NOT GUILTY of both DWI cases. Paul is not a lawyer quick to accept a plea bargain. If he sees that the prosecution has a weak case, he will advise you and is quick to take it to the judge. Paul showed genuine concern for my personal well-being and genuinely fights hard in court”.

– T. Mills



“Paul Mickelsen was my divorce lawyer. I knew Paul before I needed a divorce lawyer and I knew he had a great reputation in the legal community. When my wife filed for divorce, Paul was the first person I called. Divorce is very difficult but I am glad he was able to help me through the process. Paul is compassionate and a good listener. I never felt rushed when I was with Paul and I knew he cared about me and my children. I always felt important. He treated me like a person not a number. Paul is smart and knows family law well. My case was not an easy case but Paul was able to negotiate a decent settlement with the other side. He’s very professional: he was never late to a meeting and returned all my calls in a timely manner. I would strongly recommend Paul to anyone going through a divorce.”

– Nathan J.



“Paul handled both of my cases with skill and sound judgment. I highly recommend Paul Mickelsen”…Read More

– Client