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“As someone who has hired Nadar Hassan in the past (multiple times), I can tell you from personal experiences that he is THE BEST. You won’t find a lawyer who is so cool, calm and collected and who knows how to handle a tough case and control the court room. Personally, I was facing a tough DWI case with overwhelming evidence stacked against me. What could have been minimum of 5 days in Jail, Nadar negotiated a deal for no Jail time with some added Percs! Dodged a MASIVE bullet, especially as a business owner. All in all, 5 STAR Attorney who is fair, trustworthy and has tremendous Intentegrity and always the best intentions. RESULTS guaranteed!!! Much appreciated and Much respect Nadar.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart…”

- John



“Mr. Hasan will leave no stone unturned in defending your cause. He is an honest, empathetic and efficient professional. He has superior knowledge of his trade.”

- M. H. (Avvo)



“I was lucky enough to have Mr. Hasan pick up my case when he was a court appointed. We had our introduction in the hallway and from that moment on, I knew he had my best interest. Him and his assistant make me feel like family whenever I need representation, or if I just need a question answered. I hope my days of needing representation are over. But just in case they aren’t, I’m going with Nader Hasan every time. Peace and Love, Mr. Cole P.s. My mother says hello.”

- Figjam (Avvo)



“Paul Mickelsen helped us with a complicated matter. What was immediately apparent was that Mr. Mickelsen was professional and knowledgeable. After our first meeting with him, we relaxed and felt confident that we were in good hands. He resolved this very unpleasant and difficult matter for us quickly and with dispatch. He is competent and so much more. He knows his practice area as only a skilled professional can, and he showed empathy throughout the process for how difficult the situation was for us. He knew how to maneuver through the court system and was at all times on top of the matter. Thank you!”

- Angus



“Mr. Travis Tull is a wonderful person and an excellent attorney. He is one of the best in area. I recommend to everyone. Well respected lawyer. Thank you for everything Mr. Tull.”

- Sara



“I was represented better than I could have ever imagined by Nader Hasan. In addition to working with Nader, I also worked with his paralegal, Belinda, who was responsive, courteous, and made me feel like family. My opinions were valued and my doubts were reassured. Nader fought hard for my best interests, going above and beyond to ensure a great outcome. This is my first time using Tate Bywater, and I will absolutely use this firm for any future needs.”

- Cynthia



“I first want to say that I am blessed beyond measures. I am beyond thankful for this Mr. Nader Hasan. He is a very great person. He was very truthful with me when we had a consultation. EVERYTHING he spoke out of his mouth was the result I received today. He didn’t sugar coat a thing. He fought for exactly what I wanted and as well informed me of the possibilities. I am a 3 time felon of the same charge and walked away today with a misdemeanor NO jail time and NO probation. He was awesome. However, I was also in contact with his secretary Ms. Belinda who has very sweet, courteous, always responded in a timely manner. She was very well knowledgeable as to what was goin on with my case. If I had questions she called me back with responses. I was very welcomed in the office. atmosphere is great. If your looking for an attorney make Mr. Hasan your first and ONLY option”

- LaQuita



Dear Mr. Bywater,

I am writing to recommend your law firm to anyone in need of legal advice or counsel. When we found ourselves in turmoil with no answers to our challenges, you provided clear, concise, honest and stabilizing council. I was very impressed with the reputation of integrity that follows you and your firm from courthouse to courthouse and law firm to law firm. I was also impressed with the ease in which I was able to get in touch with you and the professionalism of all your attorneys and people that work with you. Since our first case with you, I have sent you many referrals for various matters…and that really is the most telling question of all, “would I refer my friends and family to your law firm?”, and the answer is a resounding “YES”! Thank you for all your help over the years.


Falls Church, VA

David H.



(Referring to Jim Tate) “I have been to court a lot. You are the best trial lawyer I have ever seen.”

– Client



“Want a lawyer, get the best, Gary Fuller: I would highly recommend Gary Fuller as your attorney. I was in a very difficult situation in my life and needed an attorney. Gary was extremely knowledgeable and very responsive. He provided me with pros and cons of the situation and took action immediately to resolve the issues. He kept me informed every step of the process. Not only did he provide me with a positive result, he was my daughter’s attorney as well and got her out of a financial mess that could have ruined her life. Gary if the lawyer that you want on your side for any legal matters. I highly recommend Gary Fuller.”

– Vicki (Avvo)



“Last year I was facing a serious DWI case. I was searching everywhere for a good lawyer. I simply hoped they would help reduce any possible charges I’d be confronted with at court. Paul did not only represent me, but exceeded my expectations and I was found not guilty! I’m so grateful for getting a great lawyer like Paul. Paul is truly one of the best at what he does.”

– Alexander H.



Mr. Tate,

We are writing to thank you for the excellent way that you have defended us in the past 8 years. You were an answer to prayers and have been a guardian of our family and our freedoms ever since.

Over the years you have willingly assisted us whether our situation was large or small. Always taking the time to educate yourself, find resources and experts to assist in our plight. Your personal integrity and high moral standards instill in us, trust in your abilities and work ethic. You have treated us like a friend and defended us like one of our own.

Your attention to detail, quest for truths, and drive for justice has served us well. Words will never be enough to thank you for your service.

Thank you,

Mark & Sally C.



“Before we went to trial, I thought all was lost. You literally saved my life. There is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful for James Tate.”




“Paul Mickelsen is a well-known and respected lawyer in this Northern Virginia region. He was actually referred to me by a friend of mine who was also a former client of Mr. Mickelsen and helped him with his gun charges. He also worked with me on my perjury case; very skilled and helpful lawyer.”

– Client



“Dear Paul,

That day I was so excited about the result that I couldn’t even thank you properly. Thanks a million for the great defense you did! You are so successful in your career and you have a strong work ethic. You had already received your money and there was no need to try that hard (as I had this bad experience with my previous lawyer) but you did your best…

I was so nervous at first, but believe me when you started to talk in the courtroom, I realized that the outcome is not going to be as bad as we thought, then I smiled to my mom with confidence to relax her.

I watched your defense with enthusiasm to the extent that in some points I even forgot the reason I was there!

Paul, I will introduce you to my friends and relatives and whoever needs the best lawyer ever.

Thanks again.”

– Client



“Great Attorney: I have dealt with many attorneys over the years regarding several complex probate matters. Mr. Fuller is by far the best attorney I have ever retained. He is knowledgeable, professional and extremely competent. I recommend him to anyone in need of estate services.”

– Frank B. (Avvo)



“Outstanding Legal Professional: Mr. Fuller was hired to represent my wife and I during a very difficult time in our life.

From day one Mr. Fuller and his entire legal staff did an outstanding job in first meeting up with us. Hearing what we had to say and guiding us through all the legal issues that our case presented. When we had a question for Mr. Fuller he was avaliable to answer our questions. After we had obtained all of our paperwork on the case, Mr. Fuller staff met up with us and quickly reviewed our information page by page and had the answers to any of our questions we had along the way. Once the paperwork was in order, we once again meet up with Mr. Fuller in his office. After he reviewed all the required paperwork, Mr. Fuller filed our case with the court system in short order. Mr. Fuller legal team keep us informed as our case proceeded in the court system with out fail.

From the beginning both my wife and I had a specific time frame to have our case over with. Mr. Fuller met this expectation on time and our case was set to be heard and it was heard on the first date set by the court sytem.

Mr. Fuller representations to the court were outstanding and in short order our case before the court was settled and my wife and I have been able to move on with our lives as we had hoped to do when we hired Mr. Fuller.

Finally one great thing about Mr. Fuller being our legal represenative was this. Mr. Fuller advised us that if at anytime in the future a new issue that was related to our case came up, all we had to do was call his office or send in the paperwork and any documentation we have and the issue(s) would then be addressed by Mr. Fuller and his legal staff without delay.

Over time we have had to use Mr. Fuller’s follow up service several times. Each time as promissed, Mr. Fuller and or his legal team handled the preperation of all required paperwork with out delay and our worries were over with when his office provided us with the paperwork that he prepaired to resolve the issues that had come up.

Clearly Mr. Fuller is an Outstanding Legal Professional who has always stood behind his work without exception. Today both my wife and I are clearly on our way away from the legal issues that brought us to Mr. Fuller and his law firm. For this reason if in the future we may need quality legal and professional services, both my wife and I will have no hesitation in asking Mr. Fuller for his legal representation and help in the future.”

– William (Avvo)



Dear Mr. Fuller:

I would like to express to you my gratitude for all you have done to help me through a very difficult time. I must say it has been a very trying time in my life and there were some very dark times when I wasn’t sure I would get through it all. It has been a breath of fresh air to have people step up and stand by me when I needed it most . I have finally recovered financially since the bankruptcy. Thank you so much for understanding and being the people you are.I will absolutely come to you for any other services I may need in the future and recommend your services to any and all who may need it.

Again thank you,

Richard J.



“Gary did an excellent job helping me through a tough decision. He was very knowledgeable of procedures and options available to me and my situation. He kept me informed and was supportive as well. I would highly recommend him to any and all who find themselves in a tough financial spot. I also found his assistant Ms Barnes to be an invaluable source of information.”

– Annette (Avvo)



“Exceptional service and extremely trustworthy: Gary Fuller and his staff have always been extremely helpful, confidential, and sensitive to my families needs. He went above and beyond to help us with our Chapter 13 bankruptcy case, as well as, helping us with the estate tax filing for my mother in law. He was always available to speak with us one on one & extremely knowledgeable. We really appreciate everything he has done for our family.

– Shirlie (Avvo)



“Making a tough situation easier and peaceful with outstanding professionalism!: From the moment of my first call to Gary Fuller in 2010 thru the years up to now, Gary has always had a peaceful calming attitude which is critical when someone is about to lose their home… Gary and his assistant, Xenia, are both an absolute delight. While they have a full load of clients, they were always focused and treated us and our case as if it were the only one they had. Our case had a very tight deadline and a very quick turn around because Gary Fuller was knowledgeable, professional, and attentive to every detail. To this day, if I have a question or concern, I am able to call his office and speak directly to him and am still treated with kindness and professionalism. I have recommended Gary to others and will continue to do so.”

– Christine (Avvo)



“Gary B Fuller, the Trusted Professional Lawyer: Gary Fuller has been our company attorney, drafting important legal documentation, providing legal counseling for Patenting and contracts. He is extremely ethical and professional, legally refreshing and a major influence to the Board of Directors.”

– Business client (Avvo)



“We came to Mister Fuller with a complex problem created by a developer that put our property in jeopardy by pledging it to secure a loan for projects which included our property. Mister Fuller shepherded our group into possessing the property, establishing a legal identity, LLC, to manage the property in the future. He remains our Registered agent in Virginia. I have and will continue to recommend him as an attorney.”

– Harold L. Jewel, president Marshall Land Investors (Avvo)



“Interested, reliable, knows his trade, excellent value – outstanding lawyer!!: Attorney Fuller assisted me in two real estate matters.

When I went to purchase my property in Vienna, I was considering buying a house that had been bank owned for several years and had potential title issues. In advance of deciding on the purchase, I retained Mr Fuller to review the documents, contracts and the overall situation and received advice on the transaction on several levels.

He cut through the legal uncertainties and showed me the risks, and the opportunities. He offered direct, understandable advice on how I might best proceed to mitigate the risks. Armed with that advice, I was able to make my own decisions with greater comfort.

It turned out very well for me, and it was a tremendous help to have a lawyer who showed both his deep knowledge and his interest in helping me make the right choices.

Thereafter, I needed to re-finance the loan on the property. When faced with a multitude of choices and some related issues, I again found myself in a situation that involved issue and matters to consider on different levels. Before deciding how to proceed I sought advice from Mr Fuller on the options and things to consider. Again, I was greatly assisted by getting his perspective along side the advice from a broker/lender.

Often, when working with lawyers, one feels like the focus is on the ticiking clock, not on the client’s best interest. I never got that feeling while working with Mr Fuller; he is the type of lawyer that gives attorneys a good name.

Whatever my legal needs might be in Northern Virginia in the future, I will start with Mr Fuller and go from there.”

– Mark (Avvo)



“Gary Fuller – excellent in every way!!: I have already recommended Gary to an a person I met while working at the FAA (Theresa H.). She later gave me a big thanks for sending her to him. My wife and I have used Gary twice in the past 3 years. We have always had good credit scores (both of us near 800). During the housing crisis we came into unfortunate circumstances which caused us to file bankruptcy. We were so ashamed, but Gary helped us understand, that based on our past (responsible spending) that we should recognize that our situation was not all our fault and he treated with dignity and respect every step of the way! A couple of years later we hired Gary again to help us in an eviction case. We owned a rental property where the tenants were way behind on rent and would not leave, but gave every excuse in the world. We ended up going to court and Gary did everything for us. The tenants told a real fictional story to the judge and if Gary wouldn’t have been in court with us, I think those tenants might still be there. Thanks Gary!!!”

– Rocky (Avvo)



“Professional and knowledgeable Attorney: Gary fuller is a very knowledgeable attorney, I had two dealings with him and was pleased with both instances. three years ago I had a need for a power of attorney for my mothers affairs and he was helpful in explaining the ins and outs of the situation.

Last June Gary was the attorney doing the titling work for my home purchase I was pleased once again with the ease of my home purchase. Gary took the time to go over everything top to bottom making sure we fully understood everything correctly before closing on our house. He helped make my first home purchase an excellent experience.”

– Chris (Avvo)



“Excellent professional. Mr. Fuller is very professional and knowledgeable. He puts the best interest of the client first. I will continue to seek legal advice and counseling strictly from Mr. Fuller and his firm.”

– Client (Avvo)



“Best of the Best!: I have used Gary for years to do my Real Estate investing transactions and he has always been very professional and responsive. He has reviewed unusual documents for me regarding Lease Optioning, and has performed many “out of the box” duties for me while keeping everything within the framework of Virginia law. He also helped my family when an uncle got into financial difficulty and had to declare bankruptcy. I highly recommend Gary and his excellent staff!

– Stephen (Avvo)



“Incredible Integrity and Professionalism: Mr. Gary Fuller has been our Family’s attorney for many years; he has worked for my mother-in-law and for my wife and me. Gary has always been extremely professional and has never guaranteed any result, other than the commitment to do whatever he can to deliver a favorable one. Gary has helped us in matters of Real Estate, Bankruptcy, Property Settlement issues, Car/Auto Accident/Injury, Title, and in a Reckless Driving Charge. Gary has always represented my family and Tate, Bywater, & Fuller with exemplary Integrity, honesty and with utmost professionalism. All issues were resolved in our favor and satisfaction.”

– Ed (Avvo)



“My experience with Paul as my attorney was exceptional. His advice was top-notch, and he came prepared to zealously argue my case. I am convinced that it was because he represented me that I was able to win my case. He saved me from years of headaches down the road; I will be forever grateful for that.”

– Aaron A.



“I am writing this to express my sincere thanks to Paul Mickelsen for representing me in three different cases with satisfying results. He also made it seem like he really wanted the best for me.”

– Melvin P.



“I faced two DWI cases- one in Fairfax and another later in Arlington. In both cases Paul represented me very strongly and I was found completely NOT GUILTY of both DWI cases. Paul is not a lawyer quick to accept a plea bargain. If he sees that the prosecution has a weak case, he will advise you and is quick to take it to the judge. Paul showed genuine concern for my personal well-being and genuinely fights hard in court”.

– T. Mills



“Paul Mickelsen was my divorce lawyer. I knew Paul before I needed a divorce lawyer and I knew he had a great reputation in the legal community. When my wife filed for divorce, Paul was the first person I called. Divorce is very difficult but I am glad he was able to help me through the process. Paul is compassionate and a good listener. I never felt rushed when I was with Paul and I knew he cared about me and my children. I always felt important. He treated me like a person not a number. Paul is smart and knows family law well. My case was not an easy case but Paul was able to negotiate a decent settlement with the other side. He’s very professional: he was never late to a meeting and returned all my calls in a timely manner. I would strongly recommend Paul to anyone going through a divorce.”

– Nathan J.



“High Recommendation of Gary B. Fuller: For over 10 years Gary Fuller had been my attorney for my business and for any personal legal problems I had, He was instrumental in guiding me for the incorporation of my business. He served as my attorney for our family bankruptcy and for my daughter’s divorce. He was quick to respond to any emergency situation. He acted with the highest degree of professionalism.”

– Henry (Avvo)



“Paul handled both of my cases with skill and sound judgment. I highly recommend Paul Mickelsen”…Read More

– Client