The Importance of Renting Counsel in Your Personal Injury Case

The COVID pandemic has created a lot of hardships. With so many things going on it can be easy to view injuries stemming from an accident as another inconvenience that one must tolerate. Having an experienced attorney to assist you in getting rightly compensated can prevent you from feeling that way.

There are many reasons why it’s important to have an attorney there fighting for you, especially now during these difficult times. The first and most important reason: an attorney can help determine the proper value on a case and also help you get it! This prevents individuals from settling for less than what is deserved. As attorneys are better equipped to demand more, insurance companies will not offer the minimum to settle the case. In addition, if there is a dispute over who is liable, a knowledgeable attorney can assist in asserting liability in your favor. In Virginia, if a party is found to be even 1% responsible for the accident, a bodily injury claim cannot be made. This makes it crucial in ensuring that the other party is found 100% responsible for the accident. Once this is established, all the client will need to do is focus on recovery, while the attorney handles the rest of the process.

This process involves gathering all the necessary medical and billing records related to the accident. Having an attorney could also make the collection process easier and faster. With statutes that medical providers must comply by, attorneys can usually obtain records much more quickly. A knowledgeable attorney can also work with medical providers to assemble medical records that can present the client in the best light. This includes asking doctors for letters that explain precisely how the accident was indeed the reason for the injury.

Additionally, the bills obtained from the accident can be reduced in most cases by an experienced attorney. This is for individuals with or without health insurance. Those without health insurance may find paying for treatment to be challenging. With an attorney, treatment might be able to be done on a lien, which an attorney in most circumstances can reduce. In addition to this, whether treatment was done with insurance or a lien, a skillful attorney can negotiate reduction on most itemized billings. This once again allows the client to focus primarily on their recovery.

Dealing with insurance companies outside of a pandemic can be stressful enough. Let the experienced attorneys at Tate Bywater assist you.