“Interested, reliable, knows his trade, excellent value – outstanding lawyer!!: Attorney Fuller assisted me in two real estate matters.

When I went to purchase my property in Vienna, I was considering buying a house that had been bank owned for several years and had potential title issues. In advance of deciding on the purchase, I retained Mr Fuller to review the documents, contracts and the overall situation and received advice on the transaction on several levels.

He cut through the legal uncertainties and showed me the risks, and the opportunities. He offered direct, understandable advice on how I might best proceed to mitigate the risks. Armed with that advice, I was able to make my own decisions with greater comfort.

It turned out very well for me, and it was a tremendous help to have a lawyer who showed both his deep knowledge and his interest in helping me make the right choices.

Thereafter, I needed to re-finance the loan on the property. When faced with a multitude of choices and some related issues, I again found myself in a situation that involved issue and matters to consider on different levels. Before deciding how to proceed I sought advice from Mr Fuller on the options and things to consider. Again, I was greatly assisted by getting his perspective along side the advice from a broker/lender.

Often, when working with lawyers, one feels like the focus is on the ticiking clock, not on the client’s best interest. I never got that feeling while working with Mr Fuller; he is the type of lawyer that gives attorneys a good name.
Whatever my legal needs might be in Northern Virginia in the future, I will start with Mr Fuller and go from there.”

– Mark (Avvo)