“Gary Fuller – excellent in every way!!:  I have already recommended Gary to an a person I met while working at the FAA (Theresa H.). She later gave me a big thanks for sending her to him. My wife and I have used Gary twice in the past 3 years. We have always had good credit scores (both of us near 800). During the housing crisis we came into unfortunate circumstances which caused us to file bankruptcy. We were so ashamed, but Gary helped us understand, that based on our past (responsible spending) that we should recognize that our situation was not all our fault and he treated with dignity and respect every step of the way! A couple of years later we hired Gary again to help us in an eviction case. We owned a rental property where the tenants were way behind on rent and would not leave, but gave every excuse in the world. We ended up going to court and Gary did everything for us. The tenants told a real fictional story to the judge and if Gary wouldn’t have been in court with us, I think those tenants might still be there. Thanks Gary!!!”

– Rocky (Avvo)