1. It stinks in here Dad, hang up the tree!

    They're everywhere, air freshener trees in varied scents and themes.  You pick it up after your car wash to freshen up the interior but where are you supposed to hang that thing?  If you drive in Virginia and are tempted to hang it from your rear-view mirror, think again, unless you want to be stopped by police and given a ticket (or worse). In Virginia, according to Virginia Code 46.2-1054 "[i]…Read More

  2. Using Social Media Activity As Criminal Evidence

    Can Social Media Be Used As Evidence In A Case? Social media networking is widely used and is still a greatly unexplored part of modern day life. While social media has brought its own set of benefits, the potential for its dangers are still being realized. The ability to broadcast details of you and your life is a unique part of today's culture for the average adult and not every subscriber uses …Read More

  3. When You Have Vehicle-Related Trouble, Contact a Traffic Lawyer Immediately

    If you've been arrested or ticketed because of a violation (or perceived violation), there's much more at stake than you might realize. You could not only lose your right to drive, but also face jail time or even prison time. TATE BYWATER is ready to help you during this tough time. We have years of experience defending those who have been accused of wrongdoings involving vehicles, and we're read…Read More

  4. Hiring the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Change Your Life

    If you've been accused of criminal wrongdoing, whether it's a simple traffic infraction or murder, hiring the right criminal defense lawyer is the first step to getting your life back in order. At TATE BYWATER, we've defended thousands of defendants over the years and have an excellent track record of helping people avoid the worst punishment. What can the right criminal defense attorney do for yo…Read More

  5. If You Need A Criminal Defense or Traffic Lawyer, Call Our Law Firm Right Away

    When you're in trouble with the law, it's important to contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Delaying this could get you in even deeper trouble. It doesn't matter what you've been accused of; we're here to be your criminal defense or traffic attorney to get you out the other side of the legal process in one piece. If you need a criminal defense attorney: No matter what you're ac…Read More