1. Victory Over Zoning Board

    Vienna Board of Zoning Appeals Overturned for Barring Screened-in Porch In Kreyskop, et al. v. Town Council of Vienna the Fairfax County Circuit Court overturned a decision by the Vienna Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) denying a local resident’s application for a variance to build a screened-in porch. The Petitioners owned a corner lot in Vienna near a stream, which caused an unbearable amount of …Read More

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    Legal Questions: Do You Need To Add “Hold Harmless” Language to Brokerage Agreements Amid COVID-19?

    A number of Realtors in the Virginia area have been concerned recently about the necessity of adding “hold harmless” language to their agreements when brokering the selling or buying of a home. Since we know this is a cause of real concern for our friends in the real estate industry, we wanted to take a moment and give the legal perspective. Why would you need to add this language in the first…Read More