1. How To Protect Your Intellectual Property

    As entrepreneurs and business owners continue to grow, so do the instances of intellectual property disputes. Unfortunately, our dream-chasing and idea-driven society only increases the number of these cases each year. So, preventative measures must be taken by individuals to help protect their ideas. At Tate Bywater Law, we can help you in your efforts to protect and defend your intellectual prop…Read More

  2. ‘Sue’ Taboo? Seek Counsel Before Court

    ‘Sue' sure gets thrown around a lot these days. The word simultaneously drums up images of those boldly blustering threats in a retail establishment and reports of fraudulent lawsuits featured on 24 hour news networks. Sue certainly does not have the best reputation, and, though it may be tough to imagine, there may come a time when even the most court-averse of us find the word in our vocabular…Read More

  3. Civil Litigation: What It Is And How We Can Help

    Civil litigation is the legal term for a case in which neither side is facing criminal charges. Civil litigation involves a party who has a legal dispute with another and is seeking recompense in the form of money or a change in the other party's behavior. At TATE BYWATER we understand that every civil litigation case is different. Some cases will require a litigation lawyer who takes an aggressi…Read More