At TATE BYWATER Law, we strive to provide the very best legal counsel, because we genuinely care about the lives of our clients. Our practice areas of expertise are numerous, because we want you to come to us, no matter the legal service you require. Whether it’s Bankruptcy, Business and Corporate Law, Civil Litigation, Criminal and Traffic, Family Law, Immigration, Personal Industry, Real Estate, Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning, or another type of service we haven’t mentioned, the following post will provide you with all of the empirical testimonial evidence you need to convince you that our team has what it takes, no matter your situation. Serving the Fairfax and Prince William County regions, we truly are lawyers for your life.

“Very Impressed”

“Dear Mr. Bywater, I am writing to recommend your law firm to anyone in need of legal advice or counsel. When we found ourselves in turmoil with no answers to our challenges, you provided clear, concise, honest and stabilizing council. I was very impressed with the reputation of integrity that follows you and your firm from courthouse to courthouse and law firm to law firm. I was also impressed with the ease in which I was able to get in touch with you and the professionalism of all your attorneys and people that work with you. Since our first case with you, I have sent you many referrals for various matters…and that really is the most telling question of all, “would I refer my friends and family to your law firm?”, and the answer is a resounding “YES”! Thank you for all your help over the years.” David H – Client

David, we appreciate your praise! We love to hear client satisfaction, especially to this degree. When a client feels secure enough to send over family or friends without any qualms, you know they are a true believer in our wide array of practice areas. We aren’t merely a practice that you use once in your life, our goal is to be a true partner to you in focus areas ranging from unfortunate circumstances like bankruptcy, personal injury, or divorce, to perhaps something as joyful as immigration counsel, with family coming together to live in one area!


Mr. Tate,

We are writing to thank you for the excellent way that you have defended us in the past 8 years. You were an answer to prayers and have been a guardian of our family and our freedoms ever since.

Over the years you have willingly assisted us whether our situation was large or small. Always taking the time to educate yourself, find resources and experts to assist in our plight. Your personal integrity and high moral standards instill in us, trust in your abilities and work ethic. You have treated us like a friend and defended us like one of our own.

Your attention to detail, quest for truths, and drive for justice has served us well. Words will never be enough to thank you for your service.” – Mark & Sally C.

Mark and Sally are too kind, but at the same time we know that we can help others who have been in similar legal situations, big and small. If you are looking for a real estate attorney or criminal attorney in the Fairfax County regions, look no further. We are committed to assist and protect your freedoms and rights.

“Get The Best”

“Want a lawyer, get the best, Gary Fuller: I would highly recommend Gary Fuller as your attorney. I was in a very difficult situation in my life and needed an attorney. Gary was extremely knowledgeable and very responsive. He provided me with pros and cons of the situation and took action immediately to resolve the issues. He kept me informed every step of the process. Not only did he provide me with a positive result, he was my daughter’s attorney as well and got her out of a financial mess that could have ruined her life. Gary if the lawyer that you want on your side for any legal matters. I highly recommend Gary Fuller.” – Vicki

We like Vicki’s thinking. Gary, like all of our partners, are not only concerned with outcomes, but we understand that often times our clients find themselves under significant emotional duress as the process unfolds. That is why we make a point to be as communicative as possible with our clients, detailing situations and giving recommendations based on experience and care.

We’ve grown since our humble single office beginnings in Vienna, Virginia. We are now a full service, multi-office, providing counsel to the entire Washington metropolitan area. We encourage you to consider TATE BYWATER if you are in need of attorneys at law who care about our clients, in terms of both the process and results. Please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience.