1. General Difference Between Wills and Trusts

    Most people have heard of wills and trusts, but few could tell you the difference if asked. Most of the time people will default to a will because that's what they've seen on TV, or that's what their parents opted to use. Both wills and trusts have their advantages. Here is a very simplified explanation of how each works. Wills Wills are one of the most common legal documents in the United States.…Read More

  2. Do I Have to Be A Doctor to Sign This?

    I recently represented a client who was looking to probate her deceased aunt's will in Virginia.  She was named executor and a beneficiary.   This will contained what is known as a "self-proving affidavit", allowing a will to be recorded and probated without a judicial determination of its validity.   The self-proving affidavit is signed by the witnesses to the will and the person signing the…Read More