1. Estate Planning And Simple Mistakes To Avoid

    TATE BYWATER Law has been serving the regions of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. for nearly 50 years, having been founded by James R. Tate and Douglas E. Bywater all the way back in 1972. Why should you care about how long TATE BYWATER has been providing clients with exceptional estate planning? We are glad you asked. The bottom line is that any law practice that has been around for such…Read More

  2. Reasons You Don’t Want To Put Off Your Will Any Longer

    If you're like many people, the idea of having a will feels morbid. In our culture we don't like to talk about death, and having a will seems like an admission that we will die. Some people fear that talking about the subject is enough to tempt fate and bring on dire consequences. Logically, we know that we shouldn't put off getting our wishes down on paper so that there's no question about what w…Read More

  3. General Difference Between Wills and Trusts

    Most people have heard of wills and trusts, but few could tell you the difference if asked. Most of the time people will default to a will because that's what they've seen on TV, or that's what their parents opted to use. Both wills and trusts have their advantages. Here is a very simplified explanation of how each works. Wills Wills are one of the most common legal documents in the United States.…Read More

  4. Why It’s So Important To Have Your Will In Order As Part of Your Estate Planning

    Many people find the idea of wills morbid. They think that if they just ignore it, they'll never have to deal with it. Unfortunately, that's 100% true. Once they're gone, they no longer have to worry about it. But without a proper will in place, everyone else has to worry about it now, and it can be a very divisive situation with your heirs and dependents. So if you care for your family, it's impe…Read More

  5. Do I Need a Will or a Trust?

    For many, estate planning can seem a complex process.   Because of this, many people put off making these important decisions.  While everyone should have a simple will and power of attorney, some people might be better suited for a living trust.   Below is a brief description and explanation of the characteristics of a will and a revocable trust: Will:  A will is a document that names an e…Read More