1. Civil Litigation: What It Is And How We Can Help

    Civil litigation is the legal term for a case in which neither side is facing criminal charges. Civil litigation involves a party who has a legal dispute with another and is seeking recompense in the form of money or a change in the other party's behavior. At TATE BYWATER we understand that every civil litigation case is different. Some cases will require a litigation lawyer who takes an aggressi…Read More

  2. When It’s Time For Civil Litigation, Call Lawyers Who Care

    Civil litigation is an important part of our legal system, allowing individuals and companies the right to seek recompense when they believe they have been wronged. No matter how similar the circumstance may seem, we know that every case is different because every set of circumstances and every relationship is different. We can help you no matter which side of the law you fall on. For A Plaintiff:…Read More

  3. Should Contracts Include an Arbitration Clause?

    I have recently been involved in a litigation matter involving a contract in which there is in excess of $1 million at issue.  The contract between the parties contained a term that any dispute involving the contract would be arbitrated under the rules of a particular international arbitration group instead of being litigated in the court system.  Many commercial contracts have such provisions.…Read More