1. internet defamation tate bywater prince william county

    The Complexity of Internet Defamation

    We briefly touched on the fact that the internet can seem like the Wild West of the late 1800s where anything goes with not many repercussions. However, there are laws in place to protect you against internet defamation; however, it's exceedingly hard to do with anonymous IP addresses and the like. Tate Bywater believes in the United States Constitution and our right to free speech. However, we al…Read More

  2. commerical or business disparagement tate bywater prince william county

    What is Commercial or Business Disparagement?

    In our on-going blog series on defamation, we've been mainly talking about individual defamation, slander, and libel, which is where someone says an untruth about you that causes you harm in some way. But what about businesses? How are they protected from disparagement if people say untruths about them? After all, businesses can lose money as well and can even be put out of business. So what do yo…Read More

  3. damages in defamation cases tate bywater prince william county

    Damages in Defamation Cases

    Defamation is something that happens every day around the world somewhere; just most of it goes unnoticed or is ignored. For the most part, this is probably for the best. After all, sometimes it's just better to let things go because you have better things to do in your life, like watching your son's soccer game or your daughter's gymnastics competition. However, sometimes if your reputation is da…Read More

  4. close look at defense of privilege tate bywater prince william county

    Defamation: A Close Look at the Defense of Privilege

    When someone speaks ill of you, it can be hurtful, especially if it's not true. Many of us have experienced this since childhood, where what was an innocent or malicious comment blew up to impact your social life in school. The unfortunate reality is that many people suffer from defamation in their lives and don't do anything about it, mainly because they just don't know that there are legal optio…Read More

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    Defenses Against Claims of Defamation

    As we've mentioned in our previous blog posts, defamation is extremely hard to prove in the United States because of our First Amendment rights. That being said, with a top law firm on your side, you have a much better chance of prevailing, or, on the flip side, of being defended. Tate Bywater has been proudly serving the people of Prince William County with top law services for close to 50 years.…Read More

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    Why Defamation Should Be Taken Seriously

    Defamation is when someone speaks falsely about someone else, either verbally (slander) or in print (libel), that causes harm to someone else. Other words for defamation may be used, such as character assassination, disparagement (mostly used for businesses), traducement, vilification, or calumny. You may rarely hear famacide, which is someone who destroys someone else's reputation. Defamation is …Read More

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    Defamation Explained

    For over 20 years, social media, which is websites or applications that allow users to create and share content with friends, family, and whoever else is interested, is here to stay. From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, social media is increasingly becoming a way many people also get their news and information. However, not all news and information on social media is vetted, meaning a lot of wh…Read More

  8. Understanding Civil Litigation

    Generally speaking, civil litigation is the result of at least one party is claimed to have committed a wrong, but not a crime. Depending on who you ask, some litigation attorneys will say that many specialized subjects within the umbrella of civil litigation are not, strictly speaking, civil litigation cases. For example, labor law and small claims cases can be given more precise descriptors, but…Read More

  9. How To Protect Your Intellectual Property

    As entrepreneurs and business owners continue to grow, so do the instances of intellectual property disputes. Unfortunately, our dream-chasing and idea-driven society only increases the number of these cases each year. So, preventative measures must be taken by individuals to help protect their ideas. At Tate Bywater Law, we can help you in your efforts to protect and defend your intellectual prop…Read More

  10. ‘Sue’ Taboo? Seek Counsel Before Court

    ‘Sue' sure gets thrown around a lot these days. The word simultaneously drums up images of those boldly blustering threats in a retail establishment and reports of fraudulent lawsuits featured on 24 hour news networks. Sue certainly does not have the best reputation, and, though it may be tough to imagine, there may come a time when even the most court-averse of us find the word in our vocabular…Read More