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    Are You Worried About Wage Garnishment in Prince William County?

    As unemployment numbers continue to climb, and those in power make “suggestions” about things like rent and mortgage payments following the initial months of the COVID-19 crisis without committing the power of the law to back their authority in these matters, times can seem terrifying for tens of thousands of Americans. Your local Prince William County attorney understands, and can assist with…Read More

  2. Sleep Better at Night When You Hire A Business Lawyer

    If you run a business, you're busy. You've worked hard to grow it as much as possible, to hire the best people, to partner with the best vendors. So with all the work you put into it, you don't want to see it head down the drain just because of someone abusing a business deal. Hiring a business lawyer is imperative in every deal you make with someone, whether that person is a stranger or a family …Read More

  3. I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

    Written contracts come in many forms and sizes, from something as simple as an agreement to purchase wheat up to the most complex international business agreements. One thing all legal contracts have in common is that courts can enforce contracts and issue judgments against a party if they fail to comply with contract conditions. Breaking a contract or a part of a contract is known as a breach of …Read More

  4. Navigating Laws That Impact Your Business, Contact TATE BYWATER

    No matter what you make or what service you perform, there are stages that just about every business goes through as they grow. We're happy to tell you TATE BYWATER can assist you at the beginning and at every step along the way. At The Beginning: Choosing the proper business entity for formation is a crucial part of the start of your business.  Does your current business make the IRS happy, or …Read More

  5. Should Contracts Include an Arbitration Clause?

    I have recently been involved in a litigation matter involving a contract in which there is in excess of $1 million at issue.  The contract between the parties contained a term that any dispute involving the contract would be arbitrated under the rules of a particular international arbitration group instead of being litigated in the court system.  Many commercial contracts have such provisions.…Read More