1. How Filing Bankruptcy Affects Your Credit Score

    A reasonable concern regarding filing for bankruptcy is how it will affect your credit score. If this is a determining factor, consider what your credit score could look like when you are not able to make past due payments and interest continues to accrue. To get the most information about filing for bankruptcy, consult with a bankruptcy lawyer in Fairfax County to learn the most about your option…Read More

  2. Filing Bankruptcy, Chapters 7, 11, 12, and 13

    Deciding to file bankruptcy is often the most challenging part of the process, after spending time trying to pay back debt, get your finances in order, and take control of your mortgage or student loans; when you and your bankruptcy lawyer have decided that the best option is to file bankruptcy, it's time to decide what chapter to file under. Knowing the details of each option is the best way of g…Read More

  3. Myths About Filing Bankruptcy

    We have all been in situations where we lose control of our finances and the future is uncertain. With looming credit card bills, medical bills, and past due notices piling up, what do you do? Trying to manage debt alone is challenging and oftentimes risky. Your credit score is falling rapidly, creditors are calling constantly, and there doesn't seem to be a way out. Filing bankruptcy may seem lik…Read More

  4. Questions To Ask Your Bankruptcy Lawyer

    You unexpectedly lost your job, you're drowning in unpaid medical bills, you've recently lost a loved one… These are all situations that often put individuals in dire financial trouble. Sometimes this financial struggle can ultimately lead to the decision to file for bankruptcy. However, this is not necessarily easy to pursue. That's why you've consulted our legal team to help. At TATE BYWATER …Read More

  5. 4 Reasons People Need a Bankruptcy Attorney

    Bankruptcy can be an incredibly difficult time for those in tough financial situations, and in many cases it has very little to do with how people handle their finances. Fortunately, bankruptcy law can help people get through and come out the other side ready to move on. However, it's not something to be done alone. A bankruptcy attorney can ensure that your bankruptcy goes as smooth as possible. …Read More

  6. Why It’s Important To Enlist the Help Of A Reputable Bankruptcy Attorney

    We've all seen the ads on TV, usually late at night, targeting those who need help with bankruptcy. If you're in dire financial straits, it might seem tempting to give them a call. All too often, though, callers find that these companies are promising things they can't deliver. Here are a few reasons to seek the help of a reputable bankruptcy attorney instead of calling a late-night phone number. …Read More

  7. If You’re In Dire Financial Straits, Enlist The Help Of A Bankruptcy Attorney Right Away

    There are so many reasons people come to us seeking help with bankruptcy. Poor business decisions, divorce, loss of job or ability to work, and the excessive medical bills that can come from injury. Here at TATE BYWATER we've seen people interested in bankruptcy because of many, many circumstance. That's why it's important to keep the following in mind. It's not always your fault - We realize not …Read More