1. Why It’s Important To Enlist the Help Of A Reputable Bankruptcy Attorney

    We've all seen the ads on TV, usually late at night, targeting those who need help with bankruptcy. If you're in dire financial straits, it might seem tempting to give them a call. All too often, though, callers find that these companies are promising things they can't deliver. Here are a few reasons to seek the help of a reputable bankruptcy attorney instead of calling a late-night phone number. …Read More

  2. If Custody Is An Issue, Call The Right Family Law Attorney

    If you're in a custody battle with your ex or soon-to-be ex, there's little doubt that it will be a trying time. But if you find the right family law attorney, your path through the legal system can be made easier. What can the right lawyer do for you? Save You Time: Legal proceedings take time, and we know that each day you spend having to deal with custody problems is time spent that you just do…Read More

  3. A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Get You Back On Track

    Injuries can occur just about anywhere today. The question then becomes "could it have been prevented?" If the answer is yes, then it's very likely that you'll need a personal injury lawyer to help you get the compensation you need to continue living the life you had before the accident. The law firm of TATE BYWATER has dealt with hundreds of personal injury lawsuits and has an excellent track re…Read More

  4. 3 Reasons You Need A Real Estate Attorney

    Because of the large amount of money involved, real estate transactions are incredibly complex and require an experienced real estate attorney to make sure that everything goes right. That's why it's important to give Gary B. Fuller at TATE BYWATER a call when you're entering into an agreement to buy or sell real estate. Gary has more than 20 years dealing with the intricacies of the real estate …Read More

  5. If You Are Injured, Get A Personal Injury Lawyer Involved Immediately

    If you are involved in an accident, whether it's a slip and fall at a store or you've been hit by a car, it's important that you don't delay taking action. You might think that you're okay and that you can "walk it off," but doing so can severely hurt your case. As soon as you're injured, you need to contact the right personal injury lawyer so that you have the best chance of getting compensation …Read More

  6. 3 Bad Outcomes That Can Occur If You Don’t Hire The Right Personal Injury Lawyer

    When you've suffered personal injury, it's important to take the time and choose the right lawyer for your situation. You'll be spending quite a lot of time with your attorney and their colleagues at the law office, so you want to make sure you're comfortable with them. But you also want to make sure that they will focus on your case and make sure that everything is done to get you the best possib…Read More

  7. 3 Attributes To Look For In A Family Law Attorney And Law Firm

    Getting a divorce or dealing with child custody can be one of the most trying experiences in life. Dealing with emotional distress is bad enough, but adding legal proceedings can push some to the breaking point. That's why it's important to find the right family law attorney to represent you during this difficult time, one who has the level-headedness and compassion to help you get the most favor…Read More

  8. Why It’s So Important To Have Your Will In Order As Part of Your Estate Planning

    Many people find the idea of wills morbid. They think that if they just ignore it, they'll never have to deal with it. Unfortunately, that's 100% true. Once they're gone, they no longer have to worry about it. But without a proper will in place, everyone else has to worry about it now, and it can be a very divisive situation with your heirs and dependents. So if you care for your family, it's impe…Read More

  9. Hiring the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Change Your Life

    If you've been accused of criminal wrongdoing, whether it's a simple traffic infraction or murder, hiring the right criminal defense lawyer is the first step to getting your life back in order. At TATE BYWATER, we've defended thousands of defendants over the years and have an excellent track record of helping people avoid the worst punishment. What can the right criminal defense attorney do for yo…Read More

  10. Do I Need a Will or a Trust?

    For many, estate planning can seem a complex process.   Because of this, many people put off making these important decisions.  While everyone should have a simple will and power of attorney, some people might be better suited for a living trust.   Below is a brief description and explanation of the characteristics of a will and a revocable trust: Will:  A will is a document that names an e…Read More