1. My case was dismissed! What now?

    Getting charged with a criminal or serious traffic offense is difficult. A million thoughts can run through your mind including, “what does my future look like?” Having a conviction on your record carries a stigma that can make obtaining employment difficult. But even beyond a conviction, merely having an arrest record can likewise carry significant collateral consequences. If you were acquitt…Read More

  2. The Importance of Retaining Counsel in Your Personal Injury Case

    The COVID pandemic has created a lot of hardships. With so many things going on it can be easy to view injuries stemming from an accident as another inconvenience that one must tolerate. Having an experienced attorney to assist you in getting rightly compensated can prevent you from feeling that way. There are many reasons why it’s important to have an attorney there fighting for you, especially…Read More

  3. Victory Over Zoning Board

    Vienna Board of Zoning Appeals Overturned for Barring Screened-in Porch In Kreyskop, et al. v. Town Council of Vienna the Fairfax County Circuit Court overturned a decision by the Vienna Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) denying a local resident’s application for a variance to build a screened-in porch. The Petitioners owned a corner lot in Vienna near a stream, which caused an unbearable amount of …Read More

  4. attorney working on computer next to folder with scales of justice printed on front

    Who Owns Your Property? Adverse Possession in Virginia

    At first glance, it might seem like the answer to that question is a no-brainer. Who owns your property? You do, of course! In Virginia, however, adverse possession law can allow someone else who occupies your property for a period of time to claim ownership of that property. Adverse possession takes a long time to establish, but if it is done properly, it can be used against you to give someone e…Read More

  5. Calling An Attorney After A Car Accident

    The stresses of a car accident are immediate. Between the damage to the vehicle, the incessant calls from your insurance company and the physical impact your body has taken, your physical and mental well being can get lost in the process.  Other Parties One of the times it is most necessary to speak with an attorney will be if other parties were involved in the accident. This includes other vehic…Read More

  6. real estate legal texts, gavel

    Legal Questions: Do You Need To Add “Hold Harmless” Language to Brokerage Agreements Amid COVID-19?

    A number of Realtors in the Virginia area have been concerned recently about the necessity of adding “hold harmless” language to their agreements when brokering the selling or buying of a home. Since we know this is a cause of real concern for our friends in the real estate industry, we wanted to take a moment and give the legal perspective. Why would you need to add this language in the first…Read More

  7. prenuptial agreement with pen and wedding rings on top of it

    Is A Social Media Clause Necessary in Our Prenup?

    Social media has brought an extraordinary new dimension into our worlds, and your Vienna law firm is here to help navigate it. TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and all of the other social networking platforms have expanded our interactions considerably. Sometimes, this has come with some serious consequences: couples have gotten divorced, for example, over what one person said in a F…Read More

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    Are You Worried About Wage Garnishment in Prince William County?

    As unemployment numbers continue to climb, and those in power make “suggestions” about things like rent and mortgage payments following the initial months of the COVID-19 crisis without committing the power of the law to back their authority in these matters, times can seem terrifying for tens of thousands of Americans. Your local Prince William County attorney understands, and can assist with…Read More

  9. scales of justice rendered in gold against white background

    What You Need To Know About the False Claims Act

    The False Claims Act is a piece of legislation specifically concerning qui tam law. “Qui tam” means “as well as” and refers to citizens who bring matters to court concerning harm done to the government as well as to themselves. This is different from a whistleblower, who acts on behalf of a private entity, though the verbiage is often confused. Qui tam law in the United States began in 186…Read More

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    Your Prince William County Law Firm Answers Legal Questions About The Coronavirus

    In a matter of weeks, TATE BYWATER has observed that the United States’ landscape has changed drastically. Many businesses are shuttered. People don’t gather for lunch or dinner in restaurants or head out for Happy Hour on Friday afternoons. The stock market is tumbling on a daily basis. Fear amongst citizens who would otherwise not react in such ways has prompted hoarding activities, and figh…Read More